Keeper of Secrets

Keeper of Secrets
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The champions are taunted and teased by the Daemonettes until the battlefield is carpeted with the corpses of the twitching dead. And then the Greater Daemon appears, and the slaughter and corruption truly begins.

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As well as being peerless warriors, a Keeper of Secrets is said to possess arcane knowledge of many mystical arts. It is said that they can hear anything that is said anywhere, in any dimension, and it is this ability that earned them the moniker of "Keeper of Secrets. They have also been known to trade their knowledge for gifts of services. Using the secrets at their disposal they are able to weave intricate spells of misdirection and mystification, leading the weak to their inevitable doom and sending the strong on fools' errands.

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A Keeper of Secrets can invade the thoughts and senses of its enemies, penetrating their every psychic defence -- sending them false visions of glory, stroking their egos and stoking their innermost desires to lead the fools astray. To corrupt those warriors who are pure of heart and possess noble intent is the greatest of their skills, for they will inevitably turn every quest for glory into a sacrifice upon the altar of the Lord of Pleasure's perverse will.

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Giant - Ashburn Shopping Plaza. RateBeer Best. RateBeer Shop has an unbeatable range from the biggest retailers at the best price. Aroma and flavor are molasses, maple, black licorice, booze, and nice oak. It is considered an elusive and mysterious creature, known in some American Indian traditions as a 'Keeper of Secrets'.

While Greater Daemons of Slaanesh take particular pleasure in destroying the daemonic creatures of Khorne, the arch rival of the Dark Prince, it is a mortal delicacy that holds the most delight. They thirst for the radiant spirits of the Aeldari above all others, the sheer terror that the race holds within its heart for the Dark God they birthed at the time of the Fall making their souls the headiest of draughts.

A Keeper of Secrets will stop at nothing to glut upon such morsels over and over again, a fact that haunts the Aeldari people's every waking moment. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. A Keeper of Secrets in all its hideous beauty, wielding a Witstealer Sword.

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Lead the forces of Slaanesh with one of his most powerful Daemons; Customise your Keeper of Secrets with a choice of head, weapons and more; Use in both. The loathsome yet beguiling entity of the Warp known as a Keeper of Secrets, also sometimes referred to as a "Bringer of Temptation," or a "Feaster of Pain," is a hermaphroditic Greater Daemon of Slaanesh, the Chaos God of Pleasure. The appearance of a Keeper of Secrets, more than.

Click to View. Image size: But guarantee it will look awesome! Image size: 22" x 33" inches.

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An original if you will. They are the most sought after limited edition by international art collectors.

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How PayPal Works. Unframed option will be shipped to you in a sturdy cardboard tube. It works very well, having 4 unique and distinctive factions of Chaos. Steamage Posts: Registered Users. The new Keeper of Screct model I feel is absolutely bad, it looks very generic. I hope CA not using this model.

Wow, they look really good! The only thing I dont like is the deamonettes faces in the picture with the magic mirror portal thing, they look really cartoony.

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But whoever designed these units really got the genderless disturbing beauty theme right. Generic lords of every faction has slightly different looking variants, why not for keeper of secret? I do hope we get the updated lord of change redesign tho, plus the old metal horrors. And the Juan Diaz daemonettes, they are so much better than the new ones. Tzeentch and Slaanesh models have been very hit or miss. I do kinda like the serene expression on the new one tho.

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And think about what CA could do with all the GW material Arsenic Posts: 4, Registered Users. But it is glory, nonetheless.

Keeper Of Secrets

FungusHound Posts: 2, Registered Users. Draxynnic Posts: 5, Registered Users. Arsenic said:.

Keeper of Secrets

Pretty awesome chaos models coming out of GW these days. Aman Posts: Registered Users. On the topic of game 3, I would honestly love to see the AoS redesigns of the Daemons make it in, too, especially the Slaanesh ones XD. Draculasaurus Posts: 2, Registered Users.