Online education and adult learning: new frontiers for teaching practices

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Distance Learning in Higher Education
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Canada: Athabasca University Press. Arh, T. Technology, E-Learning and Distance Education.

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For myself, like many adult learners, I want practical knowledge and skills that I am going to be able to apply in my daily life, typically at work. Learning Outcomes: 1. Webb, E. Journal of Educational Technology Systems. E-learning provider should maintain and demonstrate a strong commitment to educational value. Elearning in the 21st century: A framework for research and practice. There are many researches done in the e-learning quality.

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Description. The expanding field of adult learning encompasses the study and practice of utilizing sound instructional design principals, technology, and. Online Education and Adult Learning: New Frontiers for Teaching Practices. Kidd , Terry T., Ed. Information Science Reference. The expanding field of adult.

Edinburgh, UK Hill, J. Howland, J. A documented confirmation of outcomes should be available where students finish the course ODLQC, The administrative impact of e-learning and b-learning systems on the workloads of all staff groups should be assessed and adjustments made as required EADTU, The potential students should have all information available online, brochure, flyer, etc. Students should be provided with clear course objectives, learning outcomes, concepts and ideas.

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Beyond this, it is also important to give information related to technical requirements minimum basic computer configuration, operating system, internet access, plug-ins, particular software, firewall access, etc. The contribution of e-learning components to the development of educational objectives needs should be clear EADTU, The information of the contact of the person which responsible for the pedagogical and methodological issues, technical issues, for the tutoring and for the complaints should be given EFQUEL, Learners should be able to discuss the suitability of the course with the responsible and know who will be responsible for the evaluation internal or external agent ODLQC, All information should be consistent and reliable.

It should be also easy to access, update, coherent, consistent, etc. Program and methodology should take into account professional context, previous experience, prior learning and allow self-directed learning. The blending of learning methods online, face-to-face, self-learning, tutor-facilitated, asynchronous, synchronous should be appropriate and meet the needs and characteristics of learners EADTU, ; EFQUEL, Should have a reasoned coherence between learning outcomes, the strategy for use e-learning, the scope of the learning material and the assessment method used EADTU, A document which sets out the relationship between learning outcomes, learning activities and assessment should be produced.

In a b-learning context there should be an explicit rationale for the use of each component in the blend EADTU, Each course should include a clear statement of learning outcomes in respect of both knowledge and skills. The learning objectives should be appropriately designed for the level of the course and students should have instruction on how to meet them QM, the results and outcomes of the learning experience should be agreed between the staff and learners SEEQUEL, The learning objectives specification process conducts the development of an important guide to be used both by teacher and students.

The intention is to display the behaviours starting from the simplest to the more complex one. The assessment of the course should be done in a formative and summative mode and should be appropriate to the curriculum design EADTU, in a face-to-face or in a distance mode. The assessment instruments selected should be varied and appropriated to the work being assessed QM, Appropriate measures should be in place to prevent impersonation and plagiarism, especially when assessment is conducted online EADTU, Assignments should be clearly formulated and adequately explained to learners.

Learners should have a clear understanding of what they are expected to perform and how their performance will be measured.

Another concern should be on the curriculum design. They should be designed in order to include components that contribute to the development of outcomes. Students should be able to relate course contents to skills and learning outcomes defined to the course EADTU, According to Peres and Pimenta after defining objectives and designing learning objectives assessment, we should establish the sequence of contents.

This organization avoids the specification of learning objectives based on the contents.

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Despite the importance of these levels, if the learning objectives consist in achieving a higher critical thinking level, it is important to explicit it on the objectives definition associated with analysis, synthesis and evaluation. The modules should be introduced with their introductory elements such as: brief description, objectives, estimated amount of time required, eventual assessment EFQUEL, The curriculum should include research modules taking into account the skills and independence that will be demanded of students in conducting research remotely EADTU, Before starting the program, students should be advised about the program to determine if they have the self-motivation and commitment to learn at a distance.

Preparatory classes, additional learning materials, recommended reading as well as pedagogical guidance and other forms of support should be available during the course in order to bridge learning deficits EFQUEL, The workload demanded by the course should be realistic regarding the objectives, curriculum and according to the characteristics of target group, including full time job occupation EFQUEL, The design of an instructional strategy should conduct to the learning success, individual or in group according to pedagogical models. Many pedagogical views may be used to support the instruction planning.

The choice of the pedagogical model should consider the moment of learning. At the beginning of the subject study, it is important to make sure that students are getting the basic knowledge behaviourist and cognitivist theory. Then, it is important to consolidate it and promote the self-learning based on previous experiences constructivist theory.

At the end, it is important to promote a deep learning by social interaction social constructivist theory.

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At beginning of learning activities, it is important to provide the self-introduction by the instructor and students QM, Students should have clear instructions on how to start and where to find various information of course components QM, Learning activities should also provide opportunities for interaction in order to support active learning QM, Learning activities should enable participation in academic community and contact with external professionals.

The institution should provide mechanisms for students to participate in active communities of professional practices in order to stimulate a critical attitude EADTU, The requirement for student interaction should be clearly articulated. Institutions should provide an online community for student-student and student-teacher interaction and make their policies available EADTU, Etiquette expectation for online discussion, email and other forms of communication should be clearly stated QM, To support communities of learners the activities should be designed in order to offer an appropriate use of asynchronous tools e.

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The course and learning activities instructions should be linked to a description of the technical support and institutional accessibility polices and services QM, The course should offer ample opportunities for interaction and communication: student to student, student to instructor and student to content California State University CSU Chico, The tutor should maintain and demonstrate a clear commitment to help learners achieve their educational goals. Nevertheless, learners should be responsible for their own learning and be informed of the tutor support.

Access to tutors should be provided on a regular and sufficient basis, known to both tutors and students. Tutor should be able to use a variety means to interact with learners e-mail, forum, VLE tools, etc.

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EADTU, During the learning process, the tutor should track and monitor the behaviour of the users SEEQUEL, and provide guidance and accompany to the learners. Tutoring should offer opportunities for learners to determine their own learning pace. Despite the deadlines that must be established, learners should be able to control their own path throughout the program. Tutors should provide learners with timely expert advice on course issues or materials and feedback on assignments EADTU, Through the learning activities learners should be encouraged to consider and use higher thinking skills and to view issues from different perspectives EFQUEL, When there are one or more tutors, steps should be taken to ensure that tutor support is consistent ODLQC, Directions should be provided as to how students can participate in a broader academic community EADTU, Students should have access to support services including technical help desk, administrative support and course choice advice EADTU, The purpose of instructional materials and how they should be used for learning activities should be clearly explained QM, They should be structured to facilitate individual study and the development of study skills ODLQC, Contents should be relevant and clearly presented, build on and reinforce prerequisites concepts and skills.

Introduce, assess and reinforce new concepts and skills, should be logically structured and sequenced EADTU, The contents should be sufficient and not in excess. Little pieces of content are better than a more extensive one. The language should be simple and include visual elements. Any noise should be deleted. Resources should be adequately balanced regarding cognitive load and presented in a sub-divided form, in a logical sequence, without extra information.

Independent learning materials should provide learners with regular feedback through self-assessment activities or tests.