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IHEP signed the cooperation agreements with several universities and research institutes in Serbia More Nine world leading physicists had face-to-face discussions at Tsinghua University, Beijing on Feb 23,sharing with the public their opinions on new physics opportunities after the discovery of Higgs.

Proposed by the Chinese high energy physics community in , the circular electron positron collider CEPC has got warm responses from the international community. This machine could be later upgraded to a high energy proton-proton collider with physics potential far beyond the Higgs factory.

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The positron or antielectron is the antiparticle or the antimatter counterpart of the electron. .. and antimatter · Positron information search at SLAC · Positron Annihilation as a method of experimental physics used in materials research. Cambridge Core - Atomic Physics, Molecular Physics and Chemical Physics - Positron Physics - by M. Charlton.

From February 24 to 25, a two-day workshop focusing on the physics case for future circular colliders, as well as discussions on how to synchronize the domestic theoretical particle physics efforts with the planning and designing of future circular machines was held at the Institute of High Energy Physics. However, some cross sections are very difficult to both measure and calculate.

The "inverse swarm problem" seeks to extract these cross sections from transport measruements such as current profiles or annihilation rates.

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Positronium is a bound state between an electron and a positron. It is hydrogen-like with a binding energy half that of hydrogen.

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Positronium has been found to scatter like an electron for the same velocity. Electrons can fragment molecules by temporary attaching leading to fragmentation. This project will explore the fragmentation of molecules in positronium scattering with molecules. This is a multi-faceted project which can be adapted to students at the honours level and above.

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Being anti-electrons, positrons are identical to electrons in all respects except charge. Eighty years ago today, the journal Physical Review published a paper by physicist Carl Anderson announcing the discovery of the positron. That is, at a density where the chances of Ps atoms interacting with each other is significant. In fact, we could roughly estimate the ratio of the prompt gamma over total coincidences in a sinogram. Accelerator Addendum. He is also involved in the study of the highest-energy particles in the Universe with the Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina. The surface dipole makes the dominant contribution to the electron work function.

A positron is the antimatter partner of an electron. It has exactly the same mass as an electron but has the opposite electric charge.

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When kept separate from matter, positrons can exist forever. However, when a positron meets an electron, the two particles annihilate into a flash of energy.

Theorist Paul Dirac predicted positrons and other antiparticles in He interpreted his result as an antiparticle moving with positive energy.