Sustainable Food Systems: Building a New Paradigm

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Today, in many emerging countries, the double burden of malnutrition is often evident in the same household.

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Wright, W. Hardcover , pages. Local Food Systems, This jeopardises production in each individual country. Since March , the Panel has worked together to make recommendations to enable better European government support of national and regional agricultural development and food security priorities in sub-Saharan Africa. Food practices in transition. Trade restrictions are necessary: for example, exempting food and agriculture from trade agreements, and prohibiting dumping.

In South Asian cities 39 percent of children are stunted while 28 percent of people are obese, versus 10 percent in rural areas. Obesity, previously thought of as a high-income problem, is increasingly shifting to afflict more low-income households than rich ones.

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Furthermore, children who suffer from stunting are at an increased risk of becoming obese later in life. The poor are becoming more obese largely due to the fact that they are shifting from traditional diets to cheap, highly processed foods that tend to be high in fat, sugar, and salt.

Sustainable Food Systems: Building a New Paradigm

This process has been enabled by the rise of food purchasing as opposed to food production, driven by urbanization, industrialization, globalization, and trade. In East and Southern Africa a third of food purchased can be classified as highly-processed food. Both the public and private sector will have to address the need for industrial food companies to provide more healthy choices, rather than dumping unhealthy imports. Governments can help incentivize the local production of healthier food options and limit unhealthy imports; however, we need a new paradigm within the urban food system that is more nutritiously conscious, and this will require the full collaboration of the private sector.

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Some analysts have indicated that changing consumer behavior driven by urbanites in countries such as the United States is already starting to force big conglomerations to change their practices. For example, General Mills has stopped the use of artificial flavors and colors in its cereals. Furthermore, these analysts predict that a seismic shift in practices must occur for these corporations to stay relevant. However, we must ensure that good policies and changing behaviors that mitigate a problem in one region of the world do not drive one in another.

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For example, exemplary government actions in the United States have helped to substantially drive down smoking rates, but as a result, many tobacco conglomerates lost money and ended up shifting their focus to emerging markets such as Indonesia, where laws are less stringent, and they were able to even target children. Although there has been a rapid expansion of supermarkets in Africa and Asia in the past decades, the urban poor still source a large portion of their food from informal markets.

It is clear that these informal markets are not likely to disappear anytime soon, and they provide a significant sector of employment for the urban poor. Governments will have to work with both formal and informal markets to improve local food systems.

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Improving food safety will be of the utmost importance in this equation. Du kanske gillar.

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Physical Description:. This book brings together an integrated range of key social science insights exploring the contributions and interventions necessary to build this framework. Building on over ten years of ESRC funded theoretical and empirical research centered at BRASS, it focuses upon the key social, economic and political drivers for creating a more sustainable food system.